Sunday, August 23, 2009

Off for a weekend visit

This weekend we was off for a visit to Nina, Tommy
and their dogs. The dogs did really have a great time,
and so had I - we are back home - and the dogs are
laying around - tired and happy...

Betty Boop and Anastasia, 2 beautiful girls

Luna in a very nice pose

Betty Boop chasing the ball...

Pippi, and I think it's Satchmo we see a bit of


Betty Boop and Luna... in full run

Anastasia sitting and looking nice :-)

and once again, Betty Boop and Luna... in full run

Betty Boop got it

Gentil, he is a son of my dear Tzigan

Shamir, the Afghan

The "gang"

Betty Boop and Anastasia playing

Tertitten have a roll in the grass...

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