Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend back "home" in the Stavanger area

This weekend we had a trip back "home" me and Luna, we got to visit all our friends, did attend RMK' Open Show on Saturday, and most off this day it was rainy and very wet. And on Sunday it was off to NKK Int Show in Stavanger, that was a beautiful sunny day. After the show we did go straight off to the beach, before heading home. And gosh I have missed those beaches. I cannot think of a better place on this earth to take the dogs to for their run. So here follows some photos of our weekend trip.

Le Sphinx Jiggy Ziggy, BOB at RMK's Open Show (not entered at NKK the day after) out of: Ch Aria's Satchmo at Le Sphinx X Ch Le Sphinx Hunting Beauty.

Le Sphinx Jiggy Ziggy, BOB at RMK's Open Show

Ziggy in the ring

Sigbjørn and Sean (Le Sphinx Heartfelt Hermes) in the ring

Tone and Arno (Le Sphinx I'll Be Back) in the ring

Luna - Le Sphinx Kiss the Moon, BOB w/CAC on the NKK Int Show on Sunday, unfortunately we do not have any photos from the show - but after the show we did go straight to the beaches, to give the dogs a nice run. This used to be where I did take the dogs for their exercise when I lived in Stavanger - and GOSH I do really miss "my" beaches.

some of the beach

behind the sand dunes

fun and run...

just more fun and run

and more

and here it's a dog hitting the sea...just see the splashes !!!!
but, it'sf a zoi there under the splashes


get me if you can

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