Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Some photos from our holiday in August

Here is some photos from our Holiday in August, we did visit
lots of animal parks; Langedrag, Bjørneparken, and Dyreparken i Kr. Sand

Odda, on our way to Nesbyen

Ronja and Kristoffer

Ronja & Kristoffer

Forestfloor govered with moss 

Langedrag the "wolf park" with lots of other animals too

Kristoffer and Ronja

Not all is as tame as this moose...

Wolfs playing

And this is from the "Bearpark"

Double rainbow

Strømstad harbor

the moon hiding behind a sky

Kristoffer takes a bath

Dyreparken Kristiandsand 

Kardemomme By

Sand sculpture

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