Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy Holidays

Hope all will have a wonderful Christmas
and an even better New Year!

And here comes some "foolish" photos

My dear friend Maiken is a popular when she comes visiting,
and end up with dogs all over her

and here is my amaryllis



Betty Boop



NKK Norwegian Winner Show 29 nov 2009

Did not show any dogs myself, took the trip to see, and meet friends.

BOB: CH Borzowski's Phenomenon - BOS: CH Jelistaz Optimistic Angel,
congratulations to both with the Norwegian Winner 2009 title

and here some photos of the Breed Parade and of the Borzoi in the ring

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Niklas over looking San Diego

I got beautiful painting of Niklas sitting over looking San Diego,
thanks to Nancy and Jack for sharing

Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend back "home" in the Stavanger area

This weekend we had a trip back "home" me and Luna, we got to visit all our friends, did attend RMK' Open Show on Saturday, and most off this day it was rainy and very wet. And on Sunday it was off to NKK Int Show in Stavanger, that was a beautiful sunny day. After the show we did go straight off to the beach, before heading home. And gosh I have missed those beaches. I cannot think of a better place on this earth to take the dogs to for their run. So here follows some photos of our weekend trip.

Le Sphinx Jiggy Ziggy, BOB at RMK's Open Show (not entered at NKK the day after) out of: Ch Aria's Satchmo at Le Sphinx X Ch Le Sphinx Hunting Beauty.

Le Sphinx Jiggy Ziggy, BOB at RMK's Open Show

Ziggy in the ring

Sigbjørn and Sean (Le Sphinx Heartfelt Hermes) in the ring

Tone and Arno (Le Sphinx I'll Be Back) in the ring

Luna - Le Sphinx Kiss the Moon, BOB w/CAC on the NKK Int Show on Sunday, unfortunately we do not have any photos from the show - but after the show we did go straight to the beaches, to give the dogs a nice run. This used to be where I did take the dogs for their exercise when I lived in Stavanger - and GOSH I do really miss "my" beaches.

some of the beach

behind the sand dunes

fun and run...

just more fun and run

and more

and here it's a dog hitting the sea...just see the splashes !!!!
but, it'sf a zoi there under the splashes


get me if you can

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fun and run in the field

Finally have the farmers have cut the corn fields,
so we did "dare" to let the dogs loose and have some fun.

Betty Boop my "duracell" borzoi, she keeps on and on...

Betty Boop

Betty Boop

Betty Boop

Satchmo also like to fly off


Betty Boop

and Tertitten does not care for all that running at all... :-)





Betty Boop and Luna

Betty Boop

and Pippi takes it easy, she is getting old, she says

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Off for a weekend visit

This weekend we was off for a visit to Nina, Tommy
and their dogs. The dogs did really have a great time,
and so had I - we are back home - and the dogs are
laying around - tired and happy...

Betty Boop and Anastasia, 2 beautiful girls

Luna in a very nice pose

Betty Boop chasing the ball...

Pippi, and I think it's Satchmo we see a bit of


Betty Boop and Luna... in full run

Anastasia sitting and looking nice :-)

and once again, Betty Boop and Luna... in full run

Betty Boop got it

Gentil, he is a son of my dear Tzigan

Shamir, the Afghan

The "gang"

Betty Boop and Anastasia playing

Tertitten have a roll in the grass...