Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Back home, and back to our lovely beach

Denmark - June 2010

Here we are waiting for the ferry, and we had not much
luck - due to a engine fault the ferry did not leave that day.
So we had to spend one night at Scandic Hotel in Kristiansand.

Finally in Denmark, here is the view from our holiday house.

Our holiday house

Every day we had visit of a young Fox, and we did of course
give the little guy some snack each time.

Sand sculptures at Stauning Beach

Nancy, me and Kristoffer... we was supposed to go on a sailboat trip.
But, we did not have much luck with boats on our trip, so this one did not go either.

We had a trip to the "Lion Park" in Give, Denmark,
and there was much more than Lions there.

Nacy is giving Kristoffer a baseball lesson.

The sunset

Wendsday did Hero/Softis and Sigbjørn arrive,
as Softis was entered for the World Show in Denmak.

After the show we visit a "must" in Denmark,
that do include a trip to Legoland.

The sunset at our last night in Denmark.

Friday, June 18, 2010

At the beach :-)

Betty and Luna

what's that long weird thing, ohh think its Betty


Betty and Satchmo

and when looks around, there is nice flowers growing too



another pretty little flower

Betty and Satch

more beach flowers



Betty and Satch