Sunday, May 30, 2010

Our site got a new look

Our home page have gotten a new look :-)
see it here:

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Show news from Regina in Switzerland

Le Sphinx Killing me Softly

Regina and Lennox did have a double up show weekend in Germany,
Sarrenbrück last weekend. Lennox did well, and got BOB both days.

Congratulations Regina, and thanks for taking such good care of Noxyman.

My plum tree in blossom

My plum tree was in full blossom, so had to take some photos :-)

and some tulips still haning in there

this one we do not want at all, but grows more willingly than any thing else

Satchmo resting

Luna grassing

Luna getting bored and tired of the whole thing :-)

In the woods again

We had an nice evening walk in the woods,
the light was all kind of light green from the spring leaves.

spring leaves


Satchmo after having a "healthy" mud bath




Betty Boop


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Trip in the wood

Me and dogs did have a nice trip in the woods today,
and I did bring the camera for our walk.

Betty Boop

Tertitten have a roll in the grass

Satchmo and Pippi hides in the shadow



Betty Boop

Betty Boop





Betty Boop


Betty Boop


More nice show news - from Regina in Switzerland

And have also more nice show news, this time
from Regina in Switzerland.
"Nox" Le Sphinx Killing Me Sofly did attend a
CAC Sighthound Show in Germany (Freiburg)
and Nox won CAC/VDH, Best Male and BOB!!

So this 1. May have been a great day for
the doggies in the Showring.... :-)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Great show news from "Hero"

Le Sphinx Killing Heroes
was at a show today, and I got great news on the phone,
he got the CAC - BOB, and won the Group.

The BIS final is tomorrow, will have my fingers crossed
for Hero :-)

Le Sphinx Killing Heroes


Hero in the ring, on the move

Hero with Sigbjørn

Sigbjørn (proud co-owner) Hero and Kristoffer

Le Sphinx Jiggy Ziggy was there also,
he was 2nd best male.

Le Sphinx Jiggy Ziggy