Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas holidays

This year we had Jack and Nancy visiting us from San Diego, so we took them for some sightseeing and so on - here are some photos from their stay.

On our way to visit Gloppedalsura
Gloppedalsura consists of avalanche boulders that are piled on top of an end moraine. 

10,000 years ago the ice sheet that covered the area, melted away. For a period of time the massive end moraine dammed the Hunnedal river's former course, towards Veen and Vikeså, and formed a lake in Byrkjedalsgryta. The terraces in Byrkjedal at 240 metres altitude are evidence of this moraine-dammed lake. The annual cycle of frost and expanding ice broke free a vast number of boulders and rocks and sent them tumbling down the southern mountainside. This debris settled as a 100-metre thick scree on top of the moraine.
From left to right: Bernt, Nancy, Kristoffer, Jack and me
Kristoffer at Gloppedalsura

Kristoffer again
Byrkjedalstunet (me and Kristoffer)
Kristoffer and Nancy made their own candles
Bernt - trying to be fun :-) or act as a reindeer
Having lunch at Byrkjedalstunet

"Swords in Rock".
It was here Harald Hårfagre fought a battle that united Norway into one kingdom in 872 AD.
The monument represents peace, unity and freedom.
The Viking swords' hilts are modelled on swords found in various parts of the country.

Old Stavanger comprises 173 wooden buildings from the turn of the 18th century.
Most of them are small, white cottages.
Stavanger has received several awards for its efforts to preserve Old Stavanger.

From inner harbour in Stavanger

We went to Sigbjørn for a Chrismas dinner, and Nancy was the lucky one to find the almond in the ricecream,
and won the marsipan pig.

Sigbjørn got this beautiful painting of Hero, from Nancy and Jack

Nancy opens her present

Nancy with a lap full of little dogs

Kristoffer and Luna at the beach


Jack thinks Norway is COLD

Kristoffer and Onkel


Nancy and the doggies

Jack with Le Sphinx Jiggy Ziggy, he is the brother to Jack and Nancy's Asta (Le Sphinx Jive Talking)

From left to right: Wenche, Nancy, Ziggy (the dog) me and Jack