Monday, June 8, 2009

Borzoi Open Show 06.06.2009

This Saturday (06. June) we was off to the
Borzoi Open Show, our Judge was Annica Nilsson,
Knl Borzowski's Sweden

Annica before the show, and here is all the nice rosettes.

Pippi and Tertitten ringside

and another photo ringside

Le Sphinx Killing Knight
BOS Youngster

Le Sphinx Killing Knight

Le Sphinx Kiss the Moon
thanks to Maiken for sending me this photo

Me and Luna (Le Sphinx Kiss the Moon) in the ring

and here is Softis - at his favorite position, on his back with the feet up :-)

Winners male class

BIS - Ch Kazar Rurik **** BOS - Yosria av Fjascho

and after the show we had a barbeque party,
followed with the traditional song, are we not looking smart?

Congratulations to all the winners!