Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Trip in the wood with the doggies

Luna takes a dip to cool down





Onkel takes a swim

Betty Boop


Betty Boop and Onkel

Lennox at the Swiss Club Show

Lennox (Le Sphinx Killing Me Softly) does well again, and was
BOS with CAC at the Swiss Clubshow in Lotzwill 28. Aug. 2010 
this was also his final CAC for Swiss Champion title - Congrats to Regina and Lennox

Friday, August 27, 2010

Good friends

This is taken quite late at night, but just thought it was so cute so had to share,
Sacthmo so protecting of his little girlfriend Tertitten, holding his paw over her.

Monday, August 16, 2010

NKK-Bjerke Norwegian Winner Show 15. August

This was "Onkels" Le Sphinx Killing that Cat, first show.
CAC/res Cacib 2nd best male,
we are very happy with the result :-)

Lennox does well in the showring (again)

Sunday 8. August 2010 Donaushingen Sighthound Show
Le Sphinx Killing Me Softly
Best Male and BOS and with this he also finnished his German Club Champion title.

Congratulations to Regina and Frank with this wonderful win

Some new updates

Thursday 5. August we did go to Sweden to get
Onkel (Le Sphinx Killing that Cat) home with us again.

Head photo of Onkel

Onkel with his "mum" Pippi

Stacking photo of Onkel

Onkel is realxing under the shadow from the apple three.